Standing Up for Victims of Bullying

Don't be a bystander! This free resource teaches students 5 strategies they can use when they see bullying happening.

We’ve all been in a situation where we witnessed bullying behavior. Think about how you reacted. Did you speak up or take action? Were you in shock so you simply stayed out of it? Did you get mad at yourself later because you didn’t say or do anything?

Student Conferences in Reading Workshop

Tips and resources for conducting student conferences during reading workshop.

When I first started using the reading workshop approach with my students, my biggest worry was determining how I'd know students were understanding what they read. The answer to my worry was individual conferences with my students. Today I'd like to share some tips and resources for implementing student conferences.

Topic, Theme, & Prompt

Get more out of your teaching time by using children's literature to spark writing prompts.

One of the best ways to get more out of your teaching time is to incorporate reading and writing by using good children's literature to spark a writing prompt. Here's an example of how I did this to reinforce teaching about theme.

Teaching About Abstract Nouns

There's more to nouns than just people, places, and things. Learn how I teach about abstract nouns, incorporating a project to show off student learning.

Teaching grammar is not hard, but making sure students connect the lesson to their own writing is. I like to make sure that students create a project using the grammar concept we've learned to help cement the knowledge. Today I'd like to share how I teach about abstract nouns.
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