Reporting In

So the first 2 weeks of school are under my belt and I thought I'd give an update on . . . well, everything.

 1. I ended up with 23 students in my homeroom while my partner teacher has 22. We may do some leveling this week since we range from 22 to 26 across the grade level.

2. Overall, kids are great. There are quite a few talkers in both classes, but we are working on that (code for squashing it like a bug.)

 3. There are only 2 major problems, 1 in each class. In my homeroom, we have Blurt Boy. I tallied 26 blurts in 40 minutes Friday. He also thinks he is hilarious and tries to get the other kids to laugh. The rest of the class is mostly on board with the ignore tactic and we have a conference with Blurt Boy's mom Thursday.

 4. In partner's homeroom, the problem is more serious. Kiddo has serious emotional problems and will be in ISS tomorrow - already. Meeting with that mother is being scheduled by the principal.

 5. Our schedule is no bueno. I feel like we don't get anything done during the day.

 6. We are implementing reading workshop, writing workshop, and developmental spelling - hooray! The whole team is on board and things are progressing, albeit more slowly than I'd like (see #5 above).

7. I have been struggling with a very sore right knee. Moving to a new school and setting up a classroom requires lots of lifting and bending. I finally went to an orthopedic specialist who ordered an MRI. Fortunately, there are no tears, simply a degenerating meniscus. He gave me a steroid shot Thursday and the knee is already feeling much better. I still plan to wear the knee brace at school and take it easy.

 8. I have had a great weekend so far - Silver Stars game Friday night and this afternoon, a birthday dinner for a friend from out of town yesterday, and some quality jammy time have me feeling pretty good. I still have some grading to do, but lesson plans were completed Friday morning.

 Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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