Drawing Conclusions

So Blurt Boy spent some time in ISS. One of his assignments was to read in the Social Studies book and answer some questions at the end of the section. (Yes, I resorted to book work and question answering. Don't judge me. I can't leave my class all alone and go to ISS to teach the scintillating lesson we had in class just to him. And he'd just blurt all through it anyway.)

One of the questions called for him to draw a conclusion about the Incas and the early explorers in Texas. Here's his work.


  1. Oh my God! He drew a map of my place out on State Highway 46. I don't think I have Inca blood, but we could fudge.

  2. Too funny! & definitely not judging. Our ISS person seems to think that we can just drop everything that we are doing and bring down work for a students to do when they "finish" what we already give them. So I have reading comprehension packets copied for those kind of situations.

    Third Grade in the First State


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