Bobby Hill

Have any of you ever watched the show "King of the Hill?" I have the funniest boy who looks exactly like Bobby on that show. He is the sweetest kid and does the oddest things, making me laugh on a regular basis.

The other day, he got mad at another kid and came up to me and said, " ---- needs to get out of my f'ing face!" Only he didn't abbreviate it. I asked him to go get his planner, and before I wrote in it, I asked him if he knew what that word meant. He told me he heard it all the time in his games. I told him it was a curse word. He morphed into the face from the Edward Munsch painting, The Scream. Then I told him it was one of the worst curse words to use. He immediately said that he didn't mean to do that. I told him I knew it, but I had to write in his planner. I wrote that he had used an inappropriate word and that he should tell his parents exactly what he said and discuss it with them.

The next morning, he came in and oh, so earnestly told me that his father said he should apologize again for using the word. The look of disgust on his face when he told me that Dad had explained exactly what it meant was priceless. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud.

I think he won't curse in class again any time soon.

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