In Which I Feel Incredibly Old

My teaching partner has been out a couple of days over the last few weeks. Both times, the substitute teachers were kids I remember from teaching third grade lo these many years ago. The sweet young ladies weren't in my class, but they were wonderfully memorable as great students. They are both continuing on with their educations, and subbing offers some decent money.

I told the kids who they were, in hopes they'd be easy on them.

Yeah, that didn't happen. Sorry, ladies.


  1. I also feel incredibly old - some of my former students have brought in their babies to show us - I know I have to transfer schools before I can use the line "When I taught your mom...."

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. Know what you mean. Most often I am the oldest person in the room if I look around and I am only in my very early sixties. Sad but true.


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