Adventures With Kinder

In my district, we don't assess Kinder students for TAG (Talented and Gifted) until the spring. We are required by state law to identify gifted Kinder kids by March 1, so I recently finished testing those nominated by our kinder teachers (and a few nominated by their parents).

Kinder kids are so much fun. Can I just say what saints kinder teachers are? Whoever compared working with 5 year olds to herding cats got it just right.

We use the CogAT to assess our primary students. It consists of 3 areas, each containing 3 sub-tests. It can be administered in groups. Now, I am no dummy, so I kept my groups small - 3 or 4 kids at a time. Each kid gets a test booklet and a piece of an index card to use as a marker to help keep them in the proper place.

After getting the kiddos from their rooms to mine (a feat in itself), I get them settled in their spots, pass out the pencils, and talk about what we are going to do. It went a little like this.

Me: Here is a marker for you to use.
Kinder Kid: How do you color with this?
Me: Not that kind of marker. It is a place marker. Kind of like a bookmark.
KK: I like to read.
Other KK: Me, too! I have a new book in my book box. I'll go get it!
Me: No! Sit back down. The book can wait!

Me: Look at the first page in your book. Do you see the picture of the table on the side of the page? (I am pointing to the picture in my copy of the test booklet.)
KKs (multiple): Where? Here? I want to look out the window! My book has lots of pages!

Me: Put your marker under the table.
KKs: Actually put the marker under the table where they are sitting

Me: Move the marker down below the pants.
KKs: Hee hee heee hee

Me: Move the marker down below the apple.
KKs: I love apples. You are making me hungry. Is it lunch time yet? I have an apple in my lunch. I am going to eat an apple after school. I will bring you an apple tomorrow.

Me: OK, we are through for today.
KKs: That was fun. Can we come back tomorrow? I want to come back today. Can you stay in our room with us? I like being in your class. Are we doing the book again tomorrow?

Lessons learned from KKs:
Pants (and underwear) are never not funny
KKs are always hungry
KKs think everything is fun

Bless you, kinder teachers everywhere!


  1. That is hilarious! Yes, that is a whole different level! Quite adorable, though! :)

  2. I would probably laugh at the pants instruction too! Just sayin...

  3. Suzanne,

    Some 1st graders are still the same way! Ahhh, the patience we learn to have. =)

    I didn't realize you were a Texas teacher too....wahoo, wahoo!

    I one of your new followers and I want to say thank you for the laugh this morning! =)

    I would love for you to hop over and see me when you get the chance. I have a *freebie* called Race to the Rainbow that I think your Kinders would L-O-V-E!!!!

    Heather's Heart

  4. I am cracking up....I miss working with those little ones. LOL

  5. I've always said there is a special place in heaven for kindergarten teachers.


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