One of my most favoritest things to do is to visit blogs. Does anyone else click on links in the blogrolls of your favorite bloggers just to see what blogs they like? (That's a fearsome sentence, but I'm too lazy to go back and rewrite it. It's Saturday, for Pete's sake. BTW, who the heck is Pete?)

I clicked on a link from one of my favorite blogs and got all excited about the latest post on this new-to-me blog. Writer's notebooks - oooooh! So I got to looking at some pictures and . . . .


What I saw . . .

"What writer's do" (sic)

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Here I am reading along happily and someone mistakes a plural for a possessive. My heart starts pounding and not in a good way.

Here's the rule:

If you are taking about more than one, YOU DON'T USE AN APOSTROPHE!!!!!!

Sorry for the shouting. Some of my closest friends might understand the irony of the caps and all the exclamation points.

Save the apostrophes for contractions (he is = he's) and possessives (belonging to friend = friend's).

There's nothing worse than seeing post's with random act's of apostrophe's. And for Pete's sake (there's that Pete fellow again!), please make sure that materials you make for your classroom don't have this error or we'll never get rid of it!

P.S. I emailed the blogger to alert her to the error. No, I'm not telling you who it is. I don't cringe and tell.

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  1. And this reminds (remind's???) me of a poster I saw on FB I believe (or PINTEREST) ...consoling a teacher friend (Grammar was her middle name I believe) and not sure of which one to use, so they said...wait for it....
    "There, Their, They're" just to make sure all bases were covered. LOL


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