Orange You Glad

I am super excited by my move to fourth grade language arts. I looooove to teach writing and one of my most favoritest things to do is find that one book that changes a non-reader into a reader.

Yesterday I got to go visit my new school and get a peek into what will be my classroom.


The room is orange.


What most of you don't know is I am a redhead. I just don't do orange. I do lime green and turquoise. This is orange. Not neon, not UT burnt orange, but orange. Think UTSA Roadrunner orange. 

This is a crisis, folks!!

What am I going to do? There is one whole wall that is orange. That is the wall with the whiteboard and projector. The cubbies are orange, too.

I asked if I could paint. Nope, not allowed.

My vision of lime green, turquoise, and black went swirling down the toilet.

So I did what any good teacher does - I hit up my friend Google.

And I found this.

Perfect, right? I will use white fabric for the backing for my boards and I can keep my lime green and turquoise accents.

Crisis Averted. Life is good.


  1. That is the border I ended up using this year Around my white board too due to the orange walls. It coordinates with Dots on Turquoise. BLAH I love orange for my College Team, but orange classrooms should be banned!!!!

    1. This orange is lighter than yours but still pretty in your face.


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