My sister arrives tomorrow! Then Wednesday, we (sister, roomie, and I) set off for Hawaii!

We are flying to the Big Island first, where we will spend 3 nights in Volcano Village in a little cottage there. I am hoping we will see lava flowing, but it isn't likely. We will be able to see a glow from the caldera and hike the lava tubes.

Then we will move to a condo on the Kona coast for 4 nights. During this part of the trip, we are taking a tour to the summit of Mauna Kea, almost 14,000 feet above sea level. We will be stargazing - can't wait!

After that, we travel to Waikiki and are staying in a hotel right on the beach. While there, we will be taking a very special tour of Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. We are also visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center, where we will attend a luau and show.

I'll be back with a trip report in about 2 weeks!


June Currently

I love the beginning of each month when Farley posts her Currently linky party. I love seeing the graphics she chooses. I love figuring out what I am going to post for each prompt!

  • I am not a huge Spurs fan, though I love me some women's basketball. But you'd have to be blind and deaf not to know our city's team is in the playoffs. Too bad they are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!
  • Why is it that I can't sleep past 8:00 when school is out?
  • Going on a trip and changing schools/subjects is exciting and worrying!
  • I would love a blog design that reflects me. Any designers out there do Krazy?
  • My sister is going to stay in my room when she comes here before we go on our trip. Nuff said!
  • I would love to visit Tahiti some day. We went to Alaska last summer (would totally go again!) and Hawaii is next week!
Link up with Farley here!   Oh Boy


No Words

We leave soon for our trip to Hawaii. People who know me in real life will not be surprised to learn that I have spent a little time (ok, a lot of time) planning out our adventure. 

One of the resources I used is the Trip Advisors Hawaii forum. There are some really helpful locals who post there, as well as travelers sharing their experiences in the islands after they return home.

And then there are a few of the clueless.

Sigh. Really? Other islands within driving range? . . . No words.


Warning - Pity Party

So the school year is finished. I packed up 2 classrooms and moved my materials to a storage room until I am able to get into my new school.

Now for some back story.

I loved working with my TAG kids. I appreciate their geekiness and was so excited to have the chance to help them use their powers for good instead of evil. When I took the job, I worked full-time at one campus. Due to cuts in state funding, my district slashed the TAG budget. Some of the TAG teachers retired, others were put back in the classroom, and most of the remaining TAG teachers were assigned to work at 2 campuses. I got to remain at my home campus and picked up another one. I spent 2 days a week at my home campus and the other 3 days at the new campus.

It was miserable. I am going to go all drama here and let it out now that the situation is over. Look away if you don't want to join my pity party.

I felt so left out of everything at both campuses. I was left out of emails about those things that keep a faculty in touch. There were showers I never knew about. I wasn't invited to "choir practices." Teachers had jewelry/candle/purse parties I wasn't invited to. All those things made me feel incredibly isolated. Especially when they were talked about right in front of me. Someone is having a candle party and showing off her new house. The invitation was waved around in front of me. Yet I was never invited.


My feelings are hurt.

If there is a person on your campus who has to travel, please make sure they are included. I promise they would rather get 2 emails about something than to not get any. Make sure they don't find out about the school carnival the week it is happening. Let them know about schedule changes that affect their classes in advance instead of having it be a surprise the day of.

On the traveling teacher's behalf, thank you.
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