Room Reveal - Finally!

I am finally finished (well, as finished as it is going to get for now!) with my room. Here are some pictures.

This is the door to the room. Each of my teammates is posting the pennant from the college she attended. My fourth graders should graduate from high school in 2021!

This is the view from the doorway. The cubbies on the wall are the only built in storage. I was slightly (ok, majorly!) freaked out about the lack of shelving. My school provided 3 tall metal bookshelves and 1 smaller one. One of my dear friends came through with the library shelving you see here. Thanks again, Raquel and Ted! This corner houses my classroom library - still a work in progress, but the kids will help with that.

This picture shows the view of the front of the room. You can see my attempts to tone down the orange with turquoise. I love the Paisley on Turquoise line from Creative Teaching Press. The turquoise fabric is sheets from J.C. Penney.

View from the front of the room looking back. There are desks for 26 students - I currently have 25 on my roster. I am trying to pretend the desks are all the same color. (That's not working so well.)

My teacher corner. My desk and document camera are housed here. The black paper on the bulletin board will house the daily objectives.

My small group table. The stools are from Ikea. The alphabet is from Ladybug's Teacher Files. Our class rules and some hand signals are posted on the bulletin board. Hanging next to it is the clip chart. I am teaching language arts to 2 classes and my partner teacher will teach math and science. We made our clip charts out of yardsticks covered with duct tape so they will be portable and can go back and forth between our classes.

Another view of the desk area. The drawer units hold extra supplies.

The large sheet will house my word wall. I am lucky enough to have a mounted lcd projector (how did I teach without that and a document camera?) and 4 student computers in the room.

I hope you enjoyed the classroom tour. Thanks for visiting!


Sneak Peek

I have been spending lots of time at school, with not much to show for it. My team met one day and then my teaching partner and I met another. The custodians still need to remove some furniture and bring in desks and chairs (I have second grade size chairs and not enough of those.) I hope to bring in books and work on the classroom library tomorrow.

But here is a brief glimpse of the decor in the room. More pics to follow.


August Currently

I am linking up with my friend Farley for her August Currently linky. These are so much fun to read and I get awesome ideas from all the other bloggers! Go check it out (after you finish here, of course!)

I love watching the Olympics. The gymnastics, women's basketball, and swimming are my favorites. 

I had lunch with 2 good friends today and had some wonderful onion rings. They are so bad for me, but I love them. That leads to the thinking that I need to start a healthy eating plan. 

I am wanting to meet up with the person I will be teaming with this year (I'll teach ELA to our 2 classes; she'll teach the Math/Science.) We need to talk schedule, rules, procedures, etc. I want us to be as much on the same page as possible.

I put the fabric and borders on my boards in my room, but haven't done anything else. I am hoping to get all moved in and organized this week.

My back to school must haves? Everyone needs a Tervis Tumber to keep their water cold. These things are amazing - they don't sweat and the water stays cold a long time. I also love this Thermos travel mug for my coffee. I make it just before I leave home at 6:30 a.m. and it stays hot for hours. Sometimes I don't get a chance to drink it until lunch and it is still warm! And who doesn't need cute room decor. I'm going with Dots on Turquoise to counteract all that orange in my room. I promise to post pictures just as soon as I am finished!

Now go visit Farley and check out some other Currentlys!

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