Bribery Works

The bane of most teachers' existence is collecting all the forms that go home at the beginning of the year to be completed and returned. This year, rather than hound and nag, I resorted to bribery.

My school is using Spirit Monkey products as incentives this year. Go check it out. I'll wait.

Glad you are back. Now, I knew over the summer that my school was purchasing items from Spirit Monkey, so I emailed Lisa, the owner, to see if I could purchase a few items of my own. She said I absolutely could, so I looked through her pictures and picked out a few generic encouraging spirit sticks that I felt might come in handy.

Like this one.

My students received these customized spirit rings Friday

and I gave out the JAWSome spirit sticks to all the students who had returned all those stinkin' forms - 19/23 students got one. They were super excited! And I have only a few kids to nag and hound now. Win win situation!

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