Who Are You? (Not CSI Related)

We are studying biographies here in Krazy Town. Last week the kiddos spent time reading a wide variety of books about the lives of inspirational people. By Friday, each kid had settled on one person to research.

I ordered these cool Scholastic posters to use as a final project.

One section of the poster has a space for kids to write their own book about the person. Well, here in Texas, students have to do 2 different types of writing for the STAAR test. One is personal narrative and the other is expository-explanatory. So I decided to make a STAAR style prompt for the kids to use to write an essay about the subject of their biographies. They will attach their final draft to the space on the poster.

Click the link to get the prompt, if you'd like to use it. STAAR Expository Prompt

In other news, Blurt Boy had an almost perfect day Friday. Whoop!

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  1. You are an amazing teacher - you make class so much fun. Blurt Boy should stop fighting and enjoy the privilege.


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