Veteran's Day - Remembering Dad

One of the ways I define myself is as an Army brat, a description I am very proud to carry.

My father joined the Army right out of high school. Even though he wanted to go to college, there was no money for that. A child of the Depression, Dad worked for years to help support the family. Enlisting in the Army was his way out of a small town.

This is my dad shortly after he enlisted. He is standing with his younger brother, my Uncle Jim, who is also a veteran.

Dad was part of the Frozen Chosin in the Korean War. He also served in Vietnam.

He was my hero.

Dad passed away on November 2, 1998.

Happy Veteran's Day, Dad. I miss you like krazy.


  1. Hi Suzanne!
    Your post is such a sweet way to honor your dad. I appreciate his service to our country! Thank you for sharing it :)



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