December Currently

It must be a new month because Farley has posted the new Currently!

Here is mine:

In case you haven't visited my blog before to read about them, I have 2 golden retrievers named Lucy and Desi. They are best friends and love nothing more than playing a rousing game of bitey face. They are good sports, though, and take turns being winner and loser. Wish my fourth graders could do the same!

EDIT: I realized after posting this that we have 3 weeks before Christmas break. It must be wishful thinking on my part to think it's only 2! I know I am not the only teacher in the blogosphere ready for Christmas break. Yes, I know I had a week off at Thanksgiving. But I need some more time to rest up for the rush to state testing. Plus, I get to go to Alabama and see my nephew get married on New Year's Eve!

I am behind in my RtI paperwork and I got a big list of everything that's missing from the files on my kids yesterday. On the bright side, my principal did say that she thinks our grade level is the only one doing RtI correctly right now. 

I haven't done a class Christmas party in a while (it has been 7 years since I've been in a regular elementary classroom). I need to figure it out this week! I will probably provide cheap stockings from Dollar Tree for each kid and have the students bring in stocking stuffers (candy, pencils, stickers, etc.) to put in them. Then we'll do a pizza lunch with kids bringing their own drinks. Throw on a movie and I think we'll be set. Thank goodness we have early dismissal that day!

I posted about needing new shoes last month. I still haven't found any. Sad face.

I treat myself to Starbucks every couple of weeks on those mornings when it is soooo hard to get out of bed. It's my reward for getting up. I keep a gift card reloaded just for that reason. When I go at dark thirty, there is usually no one else in line. On the rare occasion that there is, I treat the car behind me. Gives me a good feeling that carries through the whole day! 

Make sure you go to Farley's blog and read everyone else who linked up. And don't forget the Rule of 3!


  1. Only 2 weeks before Christmas break? You are so lucky! We have to wait 3 weeks.

    Elementary School Garden

  2. Dark thirty....had to laugh that is what we have been calling it here too! One day the outside lights were still on at 7:15 for Bus Duty ....We don't get out until the 21st ....RTI paperwork is behind (except the ones I do on AIMS online) the bane of my existence....

  3. I've been out on maternity leave for six weeks now, and I think the best part was not worrying about RTI...well, maybe not the best, but I sure don't miss it!

  4. Dogplay is so funny to watch sometimes. My mom has 2 boxers that play the same game! I need to figure out a plan for our Christmas party too-I want to keep it something small-we'll see if that works! :)


  5. I am so grateful that I teach 6th grade because our RTI is totally different. I still had a huge folder that was due on Friday of my kids though. You can get it finished, I know it!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  6. YOU had me thinking WHAT?!?!? and then I got to the disclaimer and was like... OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! MISS YOUR FACE so much at my campus and wish you were there almost everyday!!! the other days I am too grumpy to think about anything except getting home to see my sweet boys :) and furry girls ... so see almost every day is a good thing :) LOVE YOU!!!

  7. Yeah, she is stuck seeing my grumpy face! lol I think we need to start a Shoe blog link-up to get ideas for comfy shoes. I am seriously a size bigger these days. WT? lol

  8. Suzanne,

    I just found your blog, through some clicking. I absolutely LOVE the name of it. I say the words 'Crazy Town' about everything 90000 times a day. I also sing Jason Alden's Crazy Town the same amount each day, so much so that my kids sing it too when they see something nutso going on in my room, HAHA. It's like my catch phrase!

    Anyway, just thought I'd share!

    Come stop by my blog when you have a chance!! I used to teach 3rd ELA and have TONS of resources that I've slowly been putting up!

    Have a great Sunday,
    Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit

  9. Hello! I am happy that I have found your blog! What an adorable name and design! I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Read all about it on my blog! Happy to be your newest follower!

  10. I am SOO glad that we don't have to do RTI, our kiddos do it as a separate class during specials (other than our tier 1 students AKA all of them!) That paperwork, I can only imagine, is endless!


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