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I know I've been MIA from the blog for a while, so I thought I'd fill y'all in on where I've been and what I've been doing.

This post is completely non-educationally related, so if you're here just for teaching ideas, feel free to  move right on. I promise my feelings won't be hurt.

Last Friday, I left Texas to head to Alabama for my nephew's wedding. Kyle and his fiancee Nina had planned a New Year's Eve wedding in Tuscaloosa.

It was beautiful and I am so happy I could be there.

I got to spend time with my great niece and nephew. Aren't they cute?

The kids were in the wedding and they were so good! Made us proud!

 We had to take pictures before the wedding in order to take advantage of the light, since the actual wedding was outdoors. This is one of my favorites - Kyle seeing Nina in her dress for the very first time. Look at that big smile on his face! Sorry for the picture quality - I took it with my point and shoot in difficult lighting!

Here's the whole wedding party. The redhead next to the bride is my other nephew, Jeremy. The 2 cute kiddos pictured above are his.

And here is a picture of my sister Mary, her husband Al (being goofy), Kyle, and me before the wedding. Mary is decorated in stickers courtesy of her grandkids.


It was a wonderful trip and we are so lucky to have Nina join our family.

Thanks for making it through the pictures. Next time, an educationally relevant post, I promise!

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