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Lucky me! Spring Break is here!

We spent 4 days doing district testing. I am so proud of my kids. Their scores in reading were fantabulous. We also posted gains in writing, but not enough for my comfort. And we only have 2 weeks of instruction before the test. Yikes!

I spent last night at a game night and slumber party. My real life friends know that I am a women's basketball fan. I have had season tickets to the WNBA Silver Stars for 10 years, but they only play in the summer. So to feed my addiction, I've been attending one of our local university's women's games in the winter/spring. Two of us in my group of friends who attend have won a one night stay at a local hotel, so we've used those vouchers to have a group party.

Last night, 9 of us got together in a mini-suite and played Taboo. It was so much fun! We brought adult beverages and snacks and just had a great old time. The room sleeps 6, but only 2 of us stayed all night. Then we capped the fun off by meeting up for breakfast the next morning. I had chilaquiles - eggs cooked with hot sauce and broken tortilla chips, with refried beans and Mexican style fried potatoes. Boy, was it good!

Monday we leave for the team's conference tournament in Las Vegas! I am traveling with Farley's momma and daddy and we will meet up with some of our other friends there.

Posting will be light until I return. However, you can locate some great blogs to check out here!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Farley. I am also a 4th grade LA teacher in Texas. I am looking forward to looking through your posts now that I am on Spring Break.


  2. Sounds like so much fun!!! I'd love a big girl slumber party!


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