Saturday Snapshots on Sunday

I'm a day late on linking up with Miss Nelson's Got the Camera, but I wanted to join in anyway. Better late than never, right?

I've had a DSLR camera for 2 years, but haven't mastered it. Now that I have some time, it is on my to-do list. Please leave me links for sites that have good tutorials!

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Sunset at Waikiki Beach

Lost Maples State Park in Texas, not too far from my home

Lupines in Talkeetna, Alaska

Sunset at the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Go check out all the other pictures!


July Currently

It's time for Farley's Currently linky!

Listening - ever since we went to Alaska 2 years ago, tv programs about Alaska catch my eye. I love saying, "We were there!"

Loving - We had game night last night with a group of dear friends. We played Cards Against Humanity. Definitely for adults, and I laughed so hard I . . .  well, you know.

Thinking - I love summer. Being able to sleep late, eat lunch out if I want, no kids. Life is good!

Wanting - Desi is my golden retriever with cancer. We've had 7 weeks since her diagnosis. I am hoping for many more.

Needing - Doesn't everyone have one of those rooms? The one where you dump everything to keep the rest of the place clean? No? Just me? Never mind. Move along.

Tips - After a long day at school, you go home and crash. You need to blog, but don't have any inspiration. Keep a notepad by you to list the things that happen during your day.

Now, go link up with Farley! Be sure to follow the Rule of Three!


Blogger Meet Up

I had so much fun at the San Antonio Blogger Meet Up Wednesday. Angela Watson from Cornerstone for Teachers and Denise Boehm from Sunny Days in Second Grade were here for ISTE, so some of the local folks met with them for dinner at Mi Tierra.

It is so much fun to put faces and voices to names and blogs.

Starting on the left and going around the table:

Reagan's husband and sweet son were also with us, but declined to appear on camera - in fact, Reagan's son took this picture!

We enjoyed margaritas, food, and talk about the conference, blogging, Teachers Pay Teachers, networking, and so much more.

Keep your eyes open for news of a meet up near you and go. I promise you won't feel out of place, no matter where you are on your blogging journey.

P.S. Starting Monday, if you  have been reading my blog through Google Reader, you won't be able to do so any longer. Many bloggers are switching over to Blog Lovin' as a new reader. There's a link in the top right column if you'd like to continue reading me there.

My Teacher Always Says . . .

Forever in First is having a great linky party, so I decided to join in.

She want us to tell about those things we always say. You know, the sayings the kids chime in on when you start out and can finish without you.

I have a few of these. Behold!

In Texas, this one rhymes:

 I am particularly known for repeating the following mantra after chiding students for not following directions.

Now it's your turn! Go link up and let us hear what you say!
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