Monday Made It

I got sidetracked last week, so I didn't get around to making my project for Monday Made It. But today, I got busy.

I'm not going back to school this year because I retired in June. So this Made It is for my house.

My living room is decorated with all sorts of interesting stars. However, I had this one little space that needed something.

My mom died four years ago and while cleaning out her house, I put this picture aside, thinking I would do something with it one day.

First I removed the angel picture, and then I took the hardware off and spray painted the frame blue.

Then I spray painted the hardware oil rubbed bronze. (I tried removing the pink paint, but the finish underneath was a bright brass - not my style at all.)

Next I traced a star on some linen fabric . . . 

. . .filled in the star with red craft paint (forgot to take a picture of this part) and grabbed all the reddish colored buttons I could find. I used them to fill in the star.

While the glue dried, I reattached the hardware.

 And here is the finished project! I love it.

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  1. So cute-and gosh, you sure have a lot of red buttons! :-)
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Love the star picture! What a great way to reuse an item you already had and it is still your mom's with a little spin of your personality! P.S. I want to retire...not going to happen any time soon though. Ha!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. that is super cute!!! love that it is a little of your mama and a little of you :)

  4. What a sweet project! It turned out so cute! Nice job and I know your Mom was there with you!

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies


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