Long Time, No Blog and November Currently

I've been gone from blogging for a long time! Sorry to disappear on you. Since I retired, I don't have classroom news to share. I definitely need to get back on the horse, though, so I will use Farley's Currently to jumpstart my return!

I love home improvement shows, and my tv spends lots of time tuned into HGTV. You might think that my home has benefited from all this watching, but not so much.

Our local university had their first game tonight and came out with a win. So glad to have women's basketball to look forward to again! We have a new coach, 3 seniors, and 7 freshmen this season. Thinking it might be a rebuilding year.

I've got puppy fever. Still. Still not doing anything about it.

I've got new car fever. Doing something about this one, though. Tomorrow! I will update you later.

Here's my yummy pin!

I made this and took it to a friend's house when she invited us to dinner. It was yummy! If you decide to make it, though, cool the cake, turn it out on a plate, use the handle of a wooden spoon to poke holes in the cake, and then pour on the glaze. Trust me, it will be much better than the way the recipe describes!

Here's where you can find the recipe: http://www.agirlandagluegun.com/2013/10/food-friday-with-the-benson-street.html

Now get yourself back to Farley's blog and don't forget to follow the rule of three!


  1. I can get you back into the classroom... you can come on over to my class and help me improve my writing scores :) I have a super sweet group this year you would love them!!!

  2. My brother and his family just got a new puppy and HE'S SO CUTE I WANT ONE. But … I do not want to clean up messes. So I guess I'm not willing to pay the price. Will have to settle for pictures.
    Your blog name is awesome. Many a day at school where I feel like that.

  3. Did you get a car? Saw on FB you were out and about!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  4. I think you should just give in to the puppy fever! Or, better yet, maybe Santa will bring you one! :)


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