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I vanished from Blog Land there for a while, didn't I? Sorry about that. I spent some time with my sister in Alabama after she had knee replacement surgery. And I've had kind of a tough time coming up with blog worthy material since I retired. So I decided to work on revitalizing some of the teaching materials I made for my classes and open a shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. Today I posted my first product.

I am a big believer in Reading Workshop. But when I first started using it with my classes, I had trouble figuring out what to talk to my students about when I conferred with them individually. Then I had the bright idea to make a "cheat sheet" to use with questions grouped together about specific areas that were tied to concepts covered in the mini-lessons I delivered. Over the years, I adapted it into cards to put on a ring to make it easy to carry with me from kiddo to kiddo.

These cards have questions about characters, plot, setting, mood, style, theme, author, and illustrations for use with students reading fiction. If the student is reading non-fiction or informational text, I have included cards on content, accuracy, style, illustrations, and text structure. I've also included a handy reference card listing many of the genres upper elementary students need to know about.

If this is something you think you can use, I'd love for you to hop over to my store and take a look. Just click on the picture of the cover below and it should take you straight to it.

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