Notice and Note Book Study

I will be teaming up with some bloggy buddies to lead an online book study on Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst. This book is all about teaching students to respond to complex texts during independent reading.This practical text offers model lessons to use that help readers understand and respond to character development, conflict, point of view, and theme.

The postings will start on June 3 and continue through the middle of July. I will post a schedule later next month.

I hope by giving you advance notice that you'll have time to order the book and get started reading.

Here's a link to the book on Amazon if you want to read more about it. (Disclosure: This is an affiliate link, and I receive a small commission if you purchase goods through the link, however it will not cost you any extra.)


Guide to Genre

I promise I am not going to turn my blog into a big advertisement for the products I create for Teachers Pay Teachers, but I've just uploaded a new one you might find helpful.

In Texas, as in other states, the reading standards have a heavy focus on genre. Because of that, many of my lessons for readers workshop were based in teaching students how the various genres were constructed. That knowledge was helpful to them in comprehension of what they read.

You can consult the Oracle (Google) and find lots of information on genre, but I found it easier to have one big guide with me when I was lesson planning. I've cleaned up that document and posted it for you to access.

It includes a definition of each genre as well as the main characteristics for each. I have also included some key vocabulary terms associated with the genre.

Please go take a look. Just click on the picture and it will take you there.

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