July Currently

I love linking up every month with Farley for her Currently. Here's mine:

  • Every weeknight at 10:30 is Perry Mason time. Love these old reruns.
  • I went to a beautiful wedding in Corpus Christi Saturday. The daughter of one of my dear friends got married in the Texas State Aquarium. It was such a unique setting and we had a blast.
  • We needed that wedding to take our minds off some bad news we received. A friend was killed in a motorcycle accident Friday. 
  • I need to lose weight but I don't want to work at it. Surely I am not the only one.
  • I am excited to go to the first Teachers Pay Teachers conference. I am having trouble deciding what to wear!
  • We always grill for the fourth and hang out here at home.
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  1. haha your "wanting" cracked me up! Don't we all want that?! :)

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. Have fun in Vegas! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Hi!
    Sending prayers your way! So funny you said that, because I was thinking the same thing while working today. I wish it wasn't so hard! ha
    Ramona Recommends

  4. I am so sorry about your friend. My thoughts are with your family.

    A wedding in an aquarium sounds amazing! That would have been so cool to see. & I'm jealous that you're going to the TPT conference. Can't wait to hear all about it. Maybe I can go next year :)

    As for losing weight- I found something I loved and started doing it: running! I started with Couch to 5k and that made it super easy. They have an app and/or plans you can download for free that get even the laziest of people (me) running. I just finished my first half marathon on May 31st! I also like the Nike Training Club app which gives you exercises to do at home for 30 mins but you are SORE for the next few days. Such a great workout. And then a bunch of my friends are doing T25 but that sounds like it's super hard. I might do it in the future. Once you make it a habit, it's not so daunting. Hope I don't sound preachy, just thought I'd help since I also HATE exercise :)

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

    I have a horrible sweet tooth so that has gotten in the way of some of my fitness goals! Good luck with yours.

    First Grade Stampede

  6. I love Perry Mason. I often watch old episodes during the summer.
    Artistry of Education

  7. So sorry about your friend. I sure wish I was going to Vegas too. You will have so much fun!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  8. Sorry to hear about your bad news. You're definitely not the only one with that 'wanting'!
    Growing Little Learners

  9. I want to be skinny without doing anything too!! Please tell me if it works for you =)
    I was hoping you might hop over to my blog and enter my giveaway! Thanks!!
    Teacher’s Lounge


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