September Bright Ideas - Keeping the Classroom Healthy

It's time for the Bright Ideas Linky! I want to share with you a way I kept my classroom healthy.

It's that time of year. The beginning of school excitement is over. Our resistance to germs is down. Those nasty flu viruses are going around. That new respiratory virus sounds pretty darn scary.

Going back to school exposes you to all those germs your body was on vacation from over the summer. You start out the year strong and then slowly succumb to the colds and viruses the kids so gladly share with you.

After a particularly bad year when I was out several times and had numerous kiddos out sick, I wised up.

I started using Clorox wipes in the classroom. Every day I wiped down the door handles, light switches, computer keyboards, and my remote controls. Once a week, I had the kids use them to wipe down their desks as well.

While my school didn't provide these wipes for me, I thought it was money well spent. The year I started following this procedure, I had fewer students with illnesses, and I took fewer sick days. And we all know how much work it is to be out of the classroom.

Let me know if it works for you!

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  1. I love those Clorox wipes! I use them at home, too! I always wash my hands thoroughly when I get home from school immediately to get any school germs out of my home. I'm sure I'm covered with them by the time I get home!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I wish I had this post last week! It was rough making it through last week with all the little germies floating around my classroom. What a great idea! Adding an extra set of wipes to "the list"...Thanks! =)

    A+ Firsties


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