March Currently

It's time to link up again with Farley for the March Currently. Boy, did February fly by!

  • I am listening to Fixer Upper on HGTV. I really like that show, but Joanna drives me crazy when she says "real-i-tor" instead of "real-tor." There is no i in that word! I really love the rustic look Joanna uses when decorating. It's totally my style.
  • I am loving that I blogged 5 times in February. Maybe I have my blogging mojo back! Or at all...LOL!
  • I'm thinking it's cold! I know San Antonio hasn't had the horrible winter so many of y'all have had, but I really feel the cold. My feet and hands never feel warm! The past few days we've had cold and rain. Now, remind me how I complained about being cold when it's over 100 degrees here this summer.
  • I am wanting to get done with physical therapy. The orthopedist told me I have a partial tear in my rotator cuff. I have 3 more weeks of PT to get through. I'm going 3 times a week and have exercises to do at home. I really try not to complain, but it's hard, y'all!
  • I am needing to clean out my closet. I went through it once after I retired, but I need to go ahead and be ruthless. If I haven't worn it since I retired, it's going!
  • Spring Break Plans: I am saving for the TpT conference in July, so I won't be making any other trips this year. I might make a short trip to donate the clothes I clean out of my closet!
Now go visit Farley's blog and check out the other posts this month! Don't forget the Rule of Three.


  1. I counted how many posts I did in February, too, and I got 6 in! It feels good, right? Here's to even more in March! :)
    Daisy Designs

  2. whoo hoo… to blogging 5 times and YAY to Fixer Upper… I love that show… I want her to come down here and fix up a house for me!!!

  3. I got in 6, too. Must have been a good month! Still working on becoming a better blogger, but time is really working against me right now. Have a terrific time blogging in March!
    Planet Happy Smiles

  4. You have inspired me to go through my closet. I have been saving clothes for when I lose weight. Nope, I need to purge. I will lose weight (thinking positively here), but I will not wear those clothes again even if I do. Purge, I say. Thanks!

  5. I'm so sorry you have to go through the physical therapy. I hope these weeks go by fast or you.

  6. Do you have to wear any kind of sling/brace? ouch :( I'm sorry. I will lift your margarita glass for you if it will help!

  7. Physical Therapy is tough! I did it a few years ago, and I don't want to do it again! (Although I should have gone longer... but the insurance ran out!) I've been struggling to keep up with blogging... hope it's not catchy! Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas again!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  8. 5 times is wonderful - blogging mojo is a real thing! So sorry about your rotator cuff - it does take a long time, but you're almost there! Jen


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