July Currently

Oh, my goodness! It's already time for the July Currently link up with Farley! Here's mine.

  • I am listening to my San Antonio Stars lose to Phoenix. We are 2-8 so far this season. It's going to be a looong season. Sigh.
  • I am still loving WNBA Basketball. I am a big supporter of women's sports. Our WNBA players are very talented. If you ever get a chance to see a game, take it!
  • I'm thinking about Vegas! I've been prepping for my trip and I've got just about everything ready to go. Tuesday Farley and I take off and meet up with our friend from NOTJane. I can't wait to meet up with all the other bloggers and TpTers I've been in touch with online.
  • I am wanting peace for our country. Times are so hard and there is a lot of hate out there.
  • I am needing courage. I have a funeral to attend Thursday. It's going to be a difficult one.
  • All Star - I think I'm pretty good at teaching writing. My other talent is fluent sarcasm. (wink)
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Keeper of the Keys - a Classroom Job

It's time for the June Bright Ideas linky. I love reading all the tips and hints bloggers share during the linky. Almost makes me wish I wasn't retired. Almost. I think I've got a great idea to share with you this month.

Do any of you have trouble keeping track of your keys? Please tell me it's not just me.

The school where I taught the most years during my teaching career had locks all over - the school's front door, the alarm system, the gate to the hallway, the classroom door, the cabinets. Fortunately, one key fit all of those. But it meant that I always had to know where my key was. And that was.....hard. I had a tendency to put my keys down during the day and not be able to find them again. I'd be patting the top of my desk, hoping to hear them under the litter of papers. Usually some bright kiddo would help me out - they're in the closet lock....but not always. And towards the end of the year? Yeah, I didn't know where anything was! I needed help.

So I made it a classroom job.

Every year when I explained the job, my third graders took the responsibility very seriously. If I picked up my keys, their eyes were glued on me. There's something about an eight-turning-nine year old that loves knowing something the teacher doesn't. And it was fine with me! I rarely got out more than, "Where are...." before my Keeper of the Keys told me where I'd left them this time.

Maybe you need help with your keys or with something else that you have trouble keeping track of. Do what I did - make it a job!

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June Currently

It's June 1 and that means it's time to link up with Farley for the June Currently! Here's mine.

  • I am listening to Texas Rising. This show is on the History Channel and is the story of the Texas Revolution. Very interesting, but NOT G Rated, fo sho!
  • I am loving that the WNBA Basketball season is starting. The Stars had a pre-season game last week in our (supposedly) temporary facility. We have new seats after being in the same ones for 14 years. Too much change! 
  • I'm thinking about getting to see my great niece and nephew next week. They are 7 and 6 years old and such fun! You might see a pic or 2 of us next time I blog.
  • I am wanting to stay on track with my fitness plan. I got a new exercise bike and have done time on it every day since it arrived.
  • I am needing to do a pantry and fridge cleanout. I found some canned goods with a really old expiration date. Oopsie.
  • Summer: I am going to the TpT conference in Vegas with Farley and NOTJane! Hope to see all of you there!
Now go visit Farley's blog and check out the other posts this month! Don't forget the Rule of Three.

Edited to add that Farley is coordinating a donation drive to help the critters who were affected by the flooding in Wimberley, Texas. I donated. Won't you?

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