August Currently

I can't believe it is already August and time to link up again with Farley for her monthly Currently!

  • I love being able to be home to watch morning TV.
  • Now that it is summer, I am back on my night owl schedule. I love to stay up until midnight and then sleep until 8 or 9.
  • I have started a new healthy eating plan. I need to drop some weight and work on all those other numbers!
  • My life is good right now. There is nothing I am really wanting. Although I wouldn't turn down a golden retriever puppy. The house is a little quiet since we lost Desi.
  • I need to get busy and get blogging! It is so easy to sit back and waste time doing other things. I have made a list of topics I want to blog about. Now I have to get busy and do it! First up - a Monday Made It!
  • My back to school must haves
    • A great coffee thermos to keep that cup hot all morning. This one is amazing! It keeps my coffee hot for several hours and warm until noon!
    • I need new pens every year. These have had some great reviews!
    • I loved using my Thirty One organizing utility tote and thermal lunch bag. Stylish and so well made!
Now get over to Farley's place and join in the fun. Don't forget the rule of 3!


  1. I just found you on Currently. I will have to check out the thermos you mentioned. I would love to have coffee that stays hot.

  2. Replies
    1. Mine is a little beat up and not so chic looking any more.

  3. Aw, man! I so need to blog more often too!
    ~Rachel at Learning to Teach in the Rain

  4. I am always thinking about getting more healthy… yet it doesn't happen at all times of the day. UGH… but your B2s goodies seem like just the right thing to get ready for school! Perhaps a smoothie in your thermos cup? (:

    Tailor-made Teaching

  5. LOVE YOU!!! and a little puppy would be fun... good excuse to walk :) what would the name be??? ethel???

  6. I'm debating on the Thirty One bag! I was at a PD session the other day and a whole 3rd grade team each had one! I was cracking up!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  7. Here from Currently. I just went to my very first 31 party and really can't justify the price! Holy cow! I've never paid more than $30 for any bag, in my life! But if they're well made... maybe. I just can't find a pattern I HAVE to have either. Maybe next year. I just bought a pack of the frixon pens. THey're amazing! I LOVE how smooth they write and that they erase. Will for sure be buying more, I only got 3 colors and shared with my husband.


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