Bright Ideas Year in Review

Welcome to the November edition of the Bright Ideas Link Up. This month is a special one. Over the past year, teacher bloggers have shared hundreds of great ideas through the monthly Bright Ideas Link Up, and now we are sharing a recap of some of the great ideas that were published during the year. Below are some of the ideas I shared.

In February, I told you about using mini class lists to help keep you organized.

In March, I shared a way that helped me remember to take things with me when I left for the day.

In May, I brought you an idea to give positive feedback to students.

And in July, I shared a way to help you have a perfectly straight and aligned bulletin board display.

I had a lot of fun putting together this short recap. You can find more of my Bright Ideas by clicking on the Bright Ideas label in the column to the right.

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November Currently

It's already November and I have been a bad, bad blogger! No posts since Farley's last Currently!

  • I am listening to Flea Market Flip. I am amazed that people at a flea market will pay that kind of money for the stuff these people make. I'm convinced the buyers just decide to pay that for the privilege of being on tv.
  • I am loving that we got some rain. We've had such a drought here. But I do feel so bad for the people who were flooded here in central south Texas again. I can't even imagine how hard that must be.
  • I'm thinking that I am glad college basketball is starting again. This year, I came up with the idea to write notes of encouragement for out UTSA Lady Roadrunners to read before away games. Five of us season ticket holders created three notes each so the team can read one before each road game.
  • I am wanting willpower. I definitely ride the struggle bus when it comes to holiday food, starting with Halloween candy. 'Nuff said.
  • I am needing to start Christmas shopping. I'm going to my sister's house in Alabama for Thanksgiving and plan to take the Christmas presents with me instead of trying to mail them. Yikes! That's only three weeks before I need to be ready.
  • Yummy: I am in love with homemade cranberry sauce instead of the canned stuff. And it's so easy to make. Here's where you can find the recipe.

Now go visit Farley's blog and check out the other posts this month! Don't forget the Rule of Three.

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