January Currently

Oh, my goodness. Can you believe it is already the new year? It seems like 2015 just flew by!

Here is my contribution to Farley's Currently.

  • I am listening to football. I am not a football fan. If given the choice, I will change the channel. Today I don't have the choice.
  • I am loving the cooler weather that finally arrived. It feels more like winter. I don't like the terrible storms that damaged Texas north of me, though. Such destruction right after Christmas is unbelievably sad.
  • I'm thinking about the game night we are hosting tomorrow. We have a great group of friends who are coming over. We will serve a make your own chalupa bar and play a couple of new games. Maybe I'll post about it after it's over.
  • I am wanting nothing. I am truly lucky to be so content in my life. 
  • I am needing a clean house. See Game Night above.
  • One Little Word.....
I've been thinking a lot about what I want my One Little Word to be for the upcoming year. After much contemplation, I've decided that my One Little Word is more.

Not more things - I don't need more material possessions. No, this is about a change in frame of mind.

In 2016 I want.....

More blogging
More working on TpT
More collaboration
More gratitude
More patience
More kindness
More forgiveness

I am determined to follow through this year.

Now go visit Farley's blog and check out the other posts this month! Don't forget the Rule of Three.

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