Standing Up for Victims of Bullying

Don't be a bystander! This free resource teaches students 5 strategies they can use when they see bullying happening.

We’ve all been in a situation where we witnessed bullying behavior. Think about how you reacted. Did you speak up or take action? Were you in shock so you simply stayed out of it? Did you get mad at yourself later because you didn’t say or do anything?

These situations are hard for adults, and they are even more difficult for our students. So often our students are told to stand up to bullying. We encourage them to speak out against it, or we ask them a million questions about what they did when they witnessed it. Then we tell them what they should have done instead.

A better solution is to give students the opportunity to practice what they might do when they witness bullying behavior. This empowers them to take action instead of being a bystander.

I've created a free resource that helps you teach students five strategies that they can use when they see bullying happen. It provides an explanation of each strategy along with suggested dialogue or action. There is also a poster for each strategy to display in the classroom.

This resource is a forever freebie, created in conjunction with many Teachers Pay Teachers in an effort to promote kindness and help reinforce values that many of us feel are significantly important at this transition time in our history. You can find all of these forever free resources by going to Teachers Pay Teachers and searching for these two hashtags: #kindnessnation and #weholdthesetruths. Some of these wonderful products are also linked below.

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